Best Value 0 Asustor AS6208T Review

Asustor AS6208T Review

Asustor’s ADM software isn’t as feature-rich as Qnap’s QTS or Synology’s DSM but it provides plenty of data backup tools and the new surveillance app is a winner. For an 8-bay NAS appliance, the AS6208T is also very good value and it delivers a mean performance as well.

0 Synology RackStation RS816 Review

Synology RackStation RS816 Review

The RS816 will suit undemanding small businesses that want a compact central repository for shared storage and data backup. The 32-bit CPU does limit the number of supported apps and encryption performance isn’t great but it can’t be faulted for the superb range of backup apps and cloud provider support.

Editors Choice 0 Boston Igloo 2U-60T-STOR Review

Boston Igloo 2U-60T-STOR Review

The majority of business storage products offer NAS and IP SAN services but the mighty Igloo 2U-60T-STOR from Boston ( goes one step beyond. Along with a massive capacity, the Igloo presents a truly unified storage solution as it combines NAS, IP SAN and FC SAN operations in the same ...

0 Qnap TBS-453A Review

Qnap TBS-453A Review

Now here’s something completely different. Probably the smallest NAS appliance currently on the market, Qnap claims the ultra-compact TBS-453A NASBook as the world’s first to use M.2 SSDs. This slim plastic slab is the size of a generous paperback book and a mere 30mm thick so it can easily be carried in a bag ...

Editors Choice 0 Qnap TDS-16489U Double Server Review

Qnap TDS-16489U Double Server Review

Qnap is reaching for the enterprise with its latest Double Server series of storage appliances as they are the first on the market to employ server-grade CPUs. They focus firmly on virtualization by providing a complete solution that can run multiple VMs and provision fast local storage rather than rely on ...

Top Ten 0 Synology DiskStation DS916+ Review

Synology DiskStation DS916+ Review

  Aimed at professionals and growing businesses, Synology’s new DS916+ delivers a fine blend of network storage features and teams them up with top value. This compact 4-bay desktop appliance also has speed as a priority as it’s endowed with a quad-core 1.6GHz Intel Pentium N3710 CPU which can step up to ...

0 Synology DiskStation DS716+ Review

Synology DiskStation DS716+ Review

Synology’s DS716+ is the latest to join its burgeoning family of ‘Plus’ performance NAS appliances and offers small businesses a compact 2-bay desktop storage solution. There’s plenty of power under the hood as it’s one of an increasing number of appliances to use Intel’s new ‘Braswell’ quad-core 1.6GHz Celeron ...

Best Value 0 Synology DiskStation DS416 Review

Synology DiskStation DS416 Review

The DS416 is the latest to join Synology’s Value series of NAS appliances and aims to offer home users, professionals and small businesses a high capacity storage solution at an affordable price. Synology looks to have hit the bullseye for value as the DS416 is around $140 cheaper than the Plus Series DS415+. ...

Top Ten 0 Infortrend EonStor DS4024RUCB Review

Infortrend EonStor DS4024RUCB Review

The Infortrend EonStor DS4024RUCB delivers an incredible all-Flash performance at a price the blue chips can’t hope to compete with. The new hybrid controllers and their extensive port choices make it very flexible and it teams this up with good hardware redundancy and a mind-boggling expansion potential.

Top Ten 0 Qnap TS-853A Review

Qnap TS-853A Review

The TS-853A delivers a remarkable range of storage features with some of the best cloud backup provider support around. Its very versatile and the new Linux Station adds yet another dimension to its capabilities.

Best Value 0 Thecus N5810 Review

Thecus N5810 Review

Thecus loses points for features as it isn’t as well-endowed as similar appliances from Qnap and Synology. The ThecusOS 7 beta firmware shows a lot of promise but it’s not ready for production environments and Thecus need to get serious about app development as its current selection is too amateurish. However, as a ...

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