Editors Choice 0 Buffalo Technology TeraStation TS5810DN Review

Buffalo Technology TeraStation TS5810DN Review

SMBs that want a solidly built, 10GbE-enabled desktop NAS appliance with a sharp focus on data security will find the TeraStation TS5810DN a good choice. It can’t match the likes of Qnap and Synology for sheer software features but overall 10GbE performance is equal to Synology’s DS1817+ and Buffalo’s inclusion of a ...

0 Seagate IronWolf NAS Pro 12TB Review

Seagate IronWolf NAS Pro 12TB Review

In May 2017, we published a review of the IronWolf and IronWolf pro 10TB hard disk drives, they were impressive and ended up with our TOP 10 awards, which is no small feat. The agility, features and data recovery services along with performance made them stand out. Cometh the hour, cometh drive – Seagate IRONWOLF ...

Top Ten 0 HPE MSA 2050/2052 Storage Review

HPE MSA 2050/2052 Storage Review

HPE’s Gen5 MSA 2050 and 2052 appliances deliver enterprise storage virtualization at SMB prices. The updated hardware boosts performance significantly, they come with a versatile range of features and HPE’s real-time data tiering sets them apart from the competition.

Best Value 0 Qnap TS-1253BU-RP-8G Review

Qnap TS-1253BU-RP-8G Review

The TS-1253BU-RP looks great value as you’ll be hard pushed to find a competitor’s 12-bay NAS appliance with dual redundant PSUs for less than this. Overall 10GbE performance won’t be worrying higher end appliances but it’s good enough for general SMB usage and Qnap’s QTS software is packed with features including ...

Best Performance 0 Synology DiskStation DS3018xs Review

Synology DiskStation DS3018xs Review

Synology’s first 6-bay desktop appliance sets a high standard for performance as it delivered excellent results in our 10GbE NAS and IP SAN speed tests. A diskless DS3018xs does cost around $350 more than Synology’s 8-bay DS1817+ but it uses a more modern processor, is substantially faster, offers a superior expansion ...

Top Ten 1 Synology DiskStation DS918+ and DS718+ Review

Synology DiskStation DS918+ and DS718+ Review

Both the DS918+ and DS718+ are excellent value and deliver great performance across the board. Synology’s DSM software offers an unbeatable range of features with even more on the way making both appliances great choices for home and SMB use – all you have to do is pick the one that meets your budget and capacity ...

Top Ten 0 Qnap TS-453B Review

Qnap TS-453B Review

If you want a 4-bay desktop NAS appliance with every conceivable feature then look no further than Qnap’s TS-453B. It combines great storage capabilities with plenty of multimedia apps, Qnap offers a fine range of PCI-Express upgrade cards and the 8GB model we have on review is good value.

Best Value 0 Synology DiskStation DS1817 Review

Synology DiskStation DS1817 Review

With its eight drive bays and dual 10GBase-T ports, the DS1817 has little competition as Qnap’s similarly priced, Alpine-equipped TS-831X only offers dual fibre 10GbE ports. As long as you’re aware of some of the app restrictions of the 32-bit Alpine CPU, the DS1817 and its modest price tag make it a good choice for ...

Editors Choice 0 Thecus W16850 Review

Thecus W16850 Review

The W16850 has a lot to offer storage hungry businesses with a high potential capacity and room to expand outside the box using the SAS3 controller’s external port. Microsoft’s latest Windows Storage Server 2016 delivers plenty of new features although we’d prefer it if Thecus put the OS on a mirrored pair of SSDs for ...

Best Value 0 Thecus N12910SAS Review

Thecus N12910SAS Review

The N12910SAS isn’t as well-featured or as versatile as competing 12-bay SAS3 rack appliances from Qnap and Synology but it is much more affordable. Furthermore, the latest ThecusOS 7 firmware delivers plenty of new and welcome features presented in a radically redesigned web interface. Performance is another strong ...

Editors Choice 0 Synology FlashStation FS2017 Review

Synology FlashStation FS2017 Review

With prices for a diskless model at around $6,299, the FlashStation FS2017 looks an affordable all-flash option for budget-conscious SMBs. The more modest hardware specification does result in a significantly lower performance than the FS3017 but it still posted quite respectable results in our I/O throughput tests. ...

Editors Choice 5 Qnap TS-653B Review

Qnap TS-653B Review

The appliance scores well for its multimedia capabilities and with its dual cooling fans emitting only 36.2dB, it’s quiet enough for small office and home environments. Qnap’s QTS software delivers an incredible range of storage features and support for IFTTT makes it even more versatile.

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