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0 Thecus W4000 Review

Thecus W4000 Review

The W4000 packs a lot into its compact dimensions and at $450 for diskless unit, is reasonably good value. Our main complaint is the 2GB of memory is woefully inadequate for running the Windows OS with memory usage rarely less than 1.6GB. That said, the W4000 does offer small businesses a lot of useful features ...

Best seller 0 QNAP TVS-863+ Golden Cloud Turbo vNAS Review

QNAP TVS-863+ Golden Cloud Turbo vNAS Review

Along with its gold chassis, there’s a lot to like about the TVS-863+. It’s 10GbE ready out of the box and delivers a good performance while its updated apps include an excellent range of backup utilities. And with a price tag of $1,399 for a diskless model with 8GB of memory, it’s top value as well.

Editor choice 0 Synology RackStation RS815+ Review

Synology RackStation RS815+ Review

Synology says the RS815+ is the most powerful 1U rack NAS appliance it’s built so far and our test results show this is no idle claim. The RS815+ and its Atom SoC delivers a big leap in performance over its predecessor and combining this with its excellent value makes it a good choice for small but very busy ...

0 Synology DiskStation DS2015xs Review

Synology DiskStation DS2015xs Review

The DS2015xs is certainly an unusual storage appliance but is let down by unimpressive IP SAN speeds over MPIO links. However, it’s packed with plenty of storage features, NAS performance is a lot better and it scores highly for value as it delivers integral 10GbE networking at a comparatively low price.

Best price 0 Synology DiskStation DS3615xs Review

Synology DiskStation DS3615xs Review

No other vendor can match the DS3615xs for sheer capacity as this is the biggest desktop NAS appliance on the planet. The two design flaws we found knock its scores down slightly but it grabs them back with its huge range of features, massive expansion potential and excellent 10GbE performance.

Best value 0 Thecus N8810U-G NAS Review

Thecus N8810U-G NAS Review

The N8810U-G falls well short on features when stacked up against similar appliances from Synology and Qnap but it does score highly for value with a diskless model costing only $1,799. If you’re looking for a low-cost storage appliance that’s 10GbE enabled out of the box and serves up fast NAS shares and IP SANs then ...

Editor choice 0 Synology DiskStation DS1515+ and DS1815+ Review

Synology DiskStation DS1515+ and DS1815+ Review

The new DS1515+ and DS1815+ benefit hugely from the new Atom CPU as performance for general file sharing operations and encrypted folders is much faster than their predecessors. Both appliances are superb value and the new DSM 5.1 delivers even more features making them excellent choices as central storage solutions ...

Best seller 0 QNAP TS-EC880 Pro NAS Review

QNAP TS-EC880 Pro NAS Review

QNAP’s new TS-EC880 Pro combines an impressive range of storage features with some potent hardware. QNAP has an app for everything, it delivers top performance over 10GbE and the high expansion capabilities make it a solid, long-term investment.

0 QNAP TS-EC1280U-RP NAS Review


QNAP’s TS-EC1280U-RP scores well for its high capacity and extreme expansion potential. You’ll have to wait a while for features such as iSCSI snapshots and the BBU to become available but performance over 10GbE is good, cloud features are extensive and the Virtualization Station has QNAP standing out from the NAS ...

Best seller 0 Synology RackStation RS3614xs+ NAS Review

Synology RackStation RS3614xs+ NAS Review

Synology’s RS3614xs+ delivers an impressive range of enterprise NAS and IP SAN features at a small business price. It offers a high expansion potential, performance over 10GbE is beyond reproach and the new DSM 5.1 promises heaps of new features.