Editors Choice 4 Tandberg Data RDX QuikStation 8 Review

Tandberg Data RDX QuikStation 8 Review

The RDX QuikStation 8 is an excellent choice for small businesses that want to manage their own data backup and off-site storage. It’s more affordable and easier to manage than tape, delivers good performance over 10GbE and its multitude of device emulation modes make it highly versatile.

Editors Choice 3 Qnap TES-1885U Review

Qnap TES-1885U Review

Qnap’s TES-x85U family is quite unique as no other NAS appliances offer the opportunity to play with two different operating systems and at no extra cost. The TES-1885U delivers a powerful hardware package at a good price, performs well over 10GbE and is a good choice for businesses that want a storage platform that ...

Best Value 1 Thecus W4810 Review

Thecus W4810 Review

For an appliance that functions as a full AD domain controller, the W4810 is reasonably priced. It’s easy enough to use as with Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials at the helm, anyone familiar with Microsoft’s standard server OSes will feel right at home. Performance is a mixed bag and will depend on the type ...

Editors Choice 4 Qnap TVS-1282-i7-64G-450W Review

Qnap TVS-1282-i7-64G-450W Review

The TVS-1282 has something for everybody as it’s one of the most versatile and feature packed desktop NAS appliances available. It has masses of expansion options but, while we don’t consider it a deal breaker, you will need to choose your expansion cards carefully due to space restrictions for the outer two PCI-e ...

2 Buffalo Technology TeraStation TS5410RN Review

Buffalo Technology TeraStation TS5410RN Review

Increasing network backup demands means central storage appliances can no longer rely on slow Gigabit connections. Buffalo’s TS5410RN is an ideal solution and scores well for value as there are few competitors in the 4-bay rack NAS space that can provide 10GbE readiness and a heap of storage at a similar price. It ...

Top Ten 4 Dell Storage SC9000 Review

Dell Storage SC9000 Review

The SC9000 combines an impressive all-flash performance with a remarkable expansion potential. With the latest SCOS 7 software at the helm, it also offers a wide range of features including automated data tiering while the new deduplication can make big savings on storage. Dell’s competition will also have a tough job ...

1 Thecus W5810 Review

Thecus W5810 Review

With WSSE R2 in the driving seat, the W5180 scores highly for its client backup and recovery features. NAS performance will be dependent on the VD resiliency level chosen but the integral data deduplication can make big savings on storage. Complaints center round the complexity of some tasks, the lack of decent ...

Best Value 1 Qnap TS-831X Review

Qnap TS-831X Review

The TS-831X is a good choice for small businesses that want an affordable NAS appliance that’s fibre 10GbE-ready. The main drawbacks are Qnap’s reduced app support for its ARM-based Alpine CPU, the underwhelming IP SAN performance and the need to factor in the additional costs of 10GbE transceivers plus extra ...

Best Value 0 Thecus N12850L Review

Thecus N12850L Review

The low price and decent performance makes the N12850L a good choice for businesses that want affordable, uncomplicated NAS and IP SAN storage. Thecus still lags way behind Qnap and Synology for app and OS development but all the key storage features are present and correct and its high expansion potential makes it a ...

Best Value 0 Synology RackStation RS3617xs Review

Synology RackStation RS3617xs Review

The RS3617xs is a great choice for storage hungry SMBs as it teams up good NAS performance over 10GbE with a big expansion capacity. Synology’s app-heavy DSM software makes it extremely versatile, value looks good and the icing on the cake is the generous 5-year warranty.

Best Performance 2 Synology RackStation RS3617xs+ Review

Synology RackStation RS3617xs+ Review

Our main compliant with the RS3617xs+ is its excessive noise levels relegate it to the server room. That aside, it delivers very good NAS performance and its D-1531 Xeon CPU looks capable of handling heavy workloads. For a 12-bay dual-10GbE enabled rack NAS, the price is competitive. The RS3617xs+ has even more room ...

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