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“Choose your own charity” as Humble Store gets Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China

Following the recently added Humble Store feature “Choose your own charity”, players can now purchase Ace Maddox’ Early Access aerial-action game FLYING TIGERS: SHADOWS OVER CHINA while donating 10% to one of more than 35,000 charities.

Sweden, September 3, 2015 – Ace Maddox, an independent developer of air-combat action games, today announced its FLYING TIGERS: SHADOWS OVER CHINA historical aerial-action produce based on the events of America’s secret volunteer squadrons that flew in WW2, is available on the Humble Store for $19.99 (with a timed 20% discount).

Prospective pilots can choose to support a diverse mix of charities including vets and wounded warriors through Operation Supply Drop, the RAF via the Royal Air Forces Association, or even the more arcane matters of the universe by donating to the Council of Magickal Arts.

Humble Store URL: http://bit.ly/1L6K6s7
Humble Promo Shot: http://bit.ly/1N5bVoY
Gameplay Teaser: https://youtu.be/-eFQ59GJ4pc
Extended Teaser: https://youtu.be/oP34RoxPJao
Website: AirCombatAction.com


“The sky was a maelstrom of exploding bombers, twisting tracers, flaming parachutes, and Robert’s own burning fighter… then his engine quit!”

Get ready to swoop the skies of Southeast Asia as FLYING TIGERS: SHADOWS OVER CHINA re-enacts a diverse set of historical World War 2 air-battles, including the Japanese Christmas-raids on Rangoon in 1941, the Flying Tigers’ first combat over Kunming in China, the Battle of the Salween Gorge, “Hump” escort missions over the Himalayas, the Invasion of Malaya, and the Japanese conquest of Burma, to name a few.

Secretly recruited under President Roosevelt’s authority in 1941, the Flying Tigers were officially known as the “American Volunteer Group”. The clandestine unit was commanded by Claire Lee Chennault, a resigned US military-aviator and an advisor to Chinese Air Force.


  • Based on historical events. Recreates the clandestine operations of the American Volunteer Group, aka the Flying Tigers, in fighter, bomber, gunner, reconnaissance, torpedo and night missions.
  • A fresh variant of WW2 air-combat gaming. Introduces TrazerTime™ slow-motion precision firing while offering a diverse mix of arcade-style combat maneuvers, photo-realistic graphics, a full single-player campaign, action-packed multiplayer modes, eventful weather effects, and much more!
  • Multiplayer for up to 16 players. Coordinate devastating air-attacks in TEAM DOGFIGHT while providing cover for one another, outdo all enemies in MASTER OF THE SKIES, or go aerial base hunting in CAPTURE THE FLAG.
  • Pay once and play! Get the full experience, multiplayer included, for a single payment. Free of micro-transactions and F2P-elements.
  • Memorable third-person aerial action. Soar the skies of southeastern Asia in the CBI (China-Burma-India) Theatre of WW2 in American, British and Japanese aircraft.
  • Exotic lands of the Far East. Locations include Burma, the Himalayas, Thailand, China, the Indian Ocean, Malaya, and more!

About Ace Maddox

Specializing in air-combat action games, Ace Maddox is an independent game company head-quartered in Sweden. Its distributed development team shares a wild interest in combat aviation and arcade games, and is formed by industry veterans from all over the world with diverse backgrounds in the games, digital media and music industries.
Visit AceMaddox.com or follow @AirCombatAction on Twitter for more info. Hashtags: #FTSOC #GetAirborne

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