Apple 2014 product launch imminent

Hands-On-PavilionFor some, tomorrow is just another work day. For Apple fanatics, however, it’s one of the most important days of the year. Apple is holding its yearly product launch event at the Flint Center in Cupertino, CA, and many company loyalists are drooling at the thought of new iPhones and iPads for them to get their hands on. It’s actually a fairly typical event for Apple on the surface; really, what else can they do with these new phones and tablets that hasn’t been done before? Rumors are that Apple may also unveil a new ‘phablet’ to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Note line of cell phones that straddle the line between pocket device and laptop, but that’s already been done before. Even the stock market is expecting more of the same, with Apple shares dropping by 4 percent recently, which is the largest drop the stock has had in quite some time.

Still, Apple does have one potential ace in the hole. New CEO Tim Cook knows he has large shoes to fill in the wake of the late great Steve Jobs, and seeing as this event is his first launch event as Apple’s CEO, he will want to show that the company is still capable of innovation under his guidance. Thus, there are more rumors floating about that point to Apple unveiling a new device to make their mark in the ‘wearables’ market currently populated by smart watches. These rumors are bolstered by reports of Apple inviting a group of top fashionistas to participate in the proceedings at the Flint Center.

If Apple does unveil an iWatch, though, they will have to be creative with the sort of apps and functionality that the device has, so it can carve out a proper niche. In a world where everyone has smart phones or tablets on their person at all times, a potential iWatch will have to do much more than tell time. In any case, the events tomorrow should reveal considerably more information.

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