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Products that have received our Performance Award.

Performance Qnap TS-932X Review

Qnap TS-932X Review

The TS-932X delivers a versatile mix of LFF and SFF drive bays and great 10GbE performance at a sensible price although its ARM-based CPU does limit your app choices. If you like the look of Qnap’s 9-bay desktop appliances, we recommend choosing the TS-963X if you want the best app choices and support for NBase-T but ...

Performance Synology FlashStation FS1018 Review

Synology FlashStation FS1018 Review

The FS1018 is a little powerhouse of a storage appliance that delivers excellent all-Flash performance for NAS and IP SAN services. Best suited to users that value speed over capacity, its high I/O throughput and low latency makes it perfect for hosting demanding apps such as virtualization and a price tag of only ...

Performance Synology DiskStation DS3018xs Review

Synology DiskStation DS3018xs Review

Synology’s first 6-bay desktop appliance sets a high standard for performance as it delivered excellent results in our 10GbE NAS and IP SAN speed tests. A diskless DS3018xs does cost around $350 more than Synology’s 8-bay DS1817+ but it uses a more modern processor, is substantially faster, offers a superior expansion ...

Performance Synology RackStation RS4017xs+ Review

Synology RackStation RS4017xs+ Review

The RS4017xs+ is a great choice for SMBs that want a big network data repository using low-cost SATA hard disks and is better value than Qnap’s 16-bay TS-EC1680U R2. Expansion potential isn’t as good as Synology’s more expensive SAS-based appliances but it makes up for this with a super NAS performance over 10GbE and ...

Performance Synology RackStation RS3617xs+ Review

Synology RackStation RS3617xs+ Review

Our main compliant with the RS3617xs+ is its excessive noise levels relegate it to the server room. That aside, it delivers very good NAS performance and its D-1531 Xeon CPU looks capable of handling heavy workloads. For a 12-bay dual-10GbE enabled rack NAS, the price is competitive. The RS3617xs+ has even more room ...

Performance Synology RackStation RS18016xs+ Review

Synology RackStation RS18016xs+ Review

For a 12-bay NAS appliance, the RS18016xs+ is a tad expensive as although Qnap’s TS-EC1279U-SAS-RP doesn’t have as high an expansion potential, a diskless model does cost over $800 less. That said, Synology makes up for this lack of value by offering a superb range of features, the best surveillance app, good ...

Best Value Thecus N5810Pro Zero-Crash

Thecus N5810Pro Zero-Crash

Thecus still lags some way behind Synology and Qnap for storage features but the N5810Pro scores very well for value as its over $100 cheaper that Synologys 5-bay DS1515+ appliance. It delivered an impressive performance in our lab tests, is easy to install and has the added bonus of an integral mini-UPS included in ...

Performance QNAP TS-853U-RP Review

QNAP TS-853U-RP Review

The TS-853U-RP offers a high capacity for a price small businesses will approve of. The expansion units are expensive and you can’t upgrade to 10GbE but it includes dual redundant PSUs, can’t be faulted for software features and its little Celeron CPU delivers a surprisingly good performance.

Performance Synology DiskStation DS3615xs Review

Synology DiskStation DS3615xs Review

No other vendor can match the DS3615xs for sheer capacity as this is the biggest desktop NAS appliance on the planet. The two design flaws we found knock its scores down slightly but it grabs them back with its huge range of features, massive expansion potential and excellent 10GbE performance.

HGST 5TB and 6TB Deskstar NAS Drives Review

HGST 5TB and 6TB Deskstar NAS Drives Review

The performance differential is more evident in the 6TB category where the HGST Deskstar NAS is >25% faster than the WD Red. The seek time for Deskstar NAS was 9.5ms vs 12.2ms for WD Red. The Deskstar NAS continues to outperform WD Red even on burst speeds which measures the performance of the onboard cache.