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Products that have received our Recommended Award.

Recommended Synology DiskStation DS920+ Review

Synology DiskStation DS920+ Review

The DS920+ is a versatile little desktop appliance that offers a good turn of speed with the option of increasing random operations with an NVMe SSD cache. As with Synology’s other new entry-level models, it gets marked down for its lack of multi-Gigabit ports but otherwise, it’s a solid network storage choice made ...

Recommended Synology DiskStation DS720+ and DS420+Review

Synology DiskStation DS720+ and DS420+Review

Both the DS720+ and DS420+ are great value and offer an impressive range of storage features with their NVMe SSD caching feature capable of making significant improvements to random operations. There are notable differences between them so which one graces your desktop or sideboard will depend on your specific ...

Recommended Seagate 16TB IronWolf Pro and IronWolf Review

Seagate 16TB IronWolf Pro and IronWolf Review

Introduction Consistently at the forefront of hard disk development, Seagate beats the competition by delivering the first 16TB drives to market. Aimed at NAS applications across a wide range of SME use case scenarios, its latest IronWolfs offer an impressive range of features teamed up with good value and in this ...

Recommended Synology SA3200D Review

Synology SA3200D Review

The SA3200D is a vastly superior solution to the RC18015xs+ as it provides all the same high-availability services but in a single appliance and at a more affordable price. Failover between the controllers will incur service downtime but our tests show this is well under a minute and the SA3200D also provides a wealth ...

Recommended Qsan XCubeNAS XN7008R Review

Qsan XCubeNAS XN7008R Review

The XCubeNAS XN7008R may not offer the same range of apps as Qnap or Synology but it does deliver a powerful network storage solution at a good price. The six rear SFF bays add a lot of versatility, 10GbE performance is good and Qsan’s ZFS-based QSM software provides an abundance of enterprise-class data protection ...

Recommended Qnap QGD-1600P Review

Qnap QGD-1600P Review

The QGD-1600P has versatility as its middle name as this smart NAS/PoE switch combo delivers a remarkable range of features. Only having two SFF drive bays and a maximum power budget of 370W may present some limitations its price tag of $699 makes it far more cost-effective than buying a NAS and managed PoE switch ...

Recommended Synology DVA3219 Review

Synology DVA3219 Review

SMBs looking for a sophisticated in-house video surveillance solution that’s easy to deploy will find the DVA3219 a great choice. Synology’s Surveillance Station 8.2 app delivers an unbeatable range of IP camera monitoring and recording features while the integral DVA apps add extra levels of versatility. The DVA3219 ...

Recommended Synology FlashStation FS6400

Synology FlashStation FS6400

The FS6400 may initially look pricey but it is good value as Synology’s DSM software comes with nearly everything included so you don’t need to factor the cost of additional options such as enhanced snapshots and replication. Its classy Xeon Scalable hardware package delivers great performance while support for ...

Recommended Synology DiskStation DS620slim Review

Synology DiskStation DS620slim Review

We were impressed with the DS620slim as it delivers all the features you’ve been waiting for in an SFF NAS appliance but do check Synology’s compatibility list to make sure your choice of HDD or SSD is supported. Only costing $100 more than the DS419slim, it delivers a vastly superior performance, has a much higher ...

Recommended Synology DiskStation DS419slim Review

Synology DiskStation DS419slim Review

Home users and SOHOs that want a highly compact and portable NAS appliance for cloud services and data backup will find the DS419slim a good choice. Our performance tests show that although its Armada CPU struggles with heavy workloads, it is quite capable of handling light storage duties and Synology’s DSM software ...