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Products that have received our Recommended Award.

Best seller Qnap TDS-16489U Double Server Review

Qnap TDS-16489U Double Server Review

Qnap is reaching for the enterprise with its latest Double Server series of storage appliances as they are the first on the market to employ server-grade CPUs. They focus firmly on virtualization by providing a complete solution that can run multiple VMs and provision fast local storage rather than rely on ...

Best seller Thecus N8880U-10G Review

Thecus N8880U-10G Review

The improved hardware clearly made its presence felt in our performance tests as the N8880U-10G is significantly faster than its predecessor for both NAS and IP SAN operations. It doesn’t come close to Synology and Qnap for features and its web console does need improving but, with a diskless model complete with 10GbE ...

Best seller QSAN TrioNAS LX U300-P20-C424 NAS Review

QSAN TrioNAS LX U300-P20-C424 NAS Review

Qsan’ latest TrioNAS LX arrays deliver unbeatable value with the new controllers bringing 10GbE and Fibre Channel support into the equation. The U300-P20-C424 offers a massive capacity expansion plus top performance and with ZFS in the driving seat, it’s well endowed with storage features as well.

Best seller Qnap TS-453mini

Qnap TS-453mini

The TS-453mini surprises on a number of counts as it’s packed with features and delivers a performance that belies its compact dimensions. The 8GB model is good value as well but keep a polishing cloth handy as the shiny black exterior shows every fingerprint.

Best seller Qsan TrioNAS LX U400HA-D424

Qsan TrioNAS LX U400HA-D424

Qsan does it again by delivering an enterprise-class storage array at a price SMBs will like a lot. The U400HA-D424 provides excellent fault tolerance and fast failover and combines them with an impressive range of features, a big expansion potential and good performance.

Best seller QNAP TVS-863+ Golden Cloud Turbo vNAS Review

QNAP TVS-863+ Golden Cloud Turbo vNAS Review

Along with its gold chassis, there’s a lot to like about the TVS-863+. It’s 10GbE ready out of the box and delivers a good performance while its updated apps include an excellent range of backup utilities. And with a price tag of $1,399 for a diskless model with 8GB of memory, it’s top value as well.

XBOX ONE Advanced Warfare Edition Review

XBOX ONE Advanced Warfare Edition Review

Technology is forever moving forward and constantly improving. This improvement also effects gaming consoles. Microsoft released their new Xbox One late 2013 with the integration for next-gen graphics. On November 4th 2014, Sledge Hammer games released the all new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. They collaborated ...

Best seller QNAP TS-EC880 Pro NAS Review

QNAP TS-EC880 Pro NAS Review

QNAP’s new TS-EC880 Pro combines an impressive range of storage features with some potent hardware. QNAP has an app for everything, it delivers top performance over 10GbE and the high expansion capabilities make it a solid, long-term investment.