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0 Synology DiskStation DS715

Synology DiskStation DS715

The DS715 isn’t much of a performance upgrade from the DS713+ as its Alpine CPU has some limitations which are most noticeable when handling encrypted folders. It’s not as good value as Qnap’s Celeron equipped TS-253 Pro either, but Synology’s DSM software delivers a fantastic range of features which includes classy ...

0 Western Digital My Cloud DL4100 Review

Western Digital My Cloud DL4100 Review

The My Cloud DL4100 is very simple to install and is to be recommended if you want your users to have easy cloud access to its storage. It doesn’t stack up well against the likes of Synology and Qnap for features but it does score for value as few other vendors can deliver as high a capacity for such a low price.

Best value 0 Synology DiskStation DS1515

Synology DiskStation DS1515

The DS1515 can’t equal performance of the DS1515+ but if this isn’t a high priority, then save some cash and go for this cheaper model. You can’t upgrade its memory, but the DS1515 is just as well built, has the same high expansion potential and delivers an impressive range of storage features.

0 Synology RackStation RC18015xs+

Synology RackStation RC18015xs+

With Synology’s DSM at the helm, the RC18015xs+ delivers an unbeatable range of storage features backed up by fault tolerant clustering and BTRFS snapshots. However, our main issues with this solution are it doesn’t provide transparent failover and for an active/passive architecture, it’s expensive.

Best seller 0 Qnap TS-453mini

Qnap TS-453mini

The TS-453mini surprises on a number of counts as it’s packed with features and delivers a performance that belies its compact dimensions. The 8GB model is good value as well but keep a polishing cloth handy as the shiny black exterior shows every fingerprint.

Best price 0 Thecus N5810Pro Zero-Crash

Thecus N5810Pro Zero-Crash

Thecus still lags some way behind Synology and Qnap for storage features but the N5810Pro scores very well for value as its over $100 cheaper that Synologys 5-bay DS1515+ appliance. It delivered an impressive performance in our lab tests, is easy to install and has the added bonus of an integral mini-UPS included in ...

Best value 0 Qnap TS-451U

Qnap TS-451U

The TS-451U teams up an impressive range of features with plenty of storage capacity and room to grow. Overall performance is good, the QTS software offers excellent backup and replication utilities and it’s very good value as well.

Best seller 0 Qsan TrioNAS LX U400HA-D424

Qsan TrioNAS LX U400HA-D424

Qsan does it again by delivering an enterprise-class storage array at a price SMBs will like a lot. The U400HA-D424 provides excellent fault tolerance and fast failover and combines them with an impressive range of features, a big expansion potential and good performance.

0 Netgear ReadyNAS 3130

Netgear ReadyNAS 3130

The ReadyNAS 3130 benefits immensely from the updated hardware as it delivers a superior performance to its rack mount predecessors. It’s fair value, backup features are particularly good and the icing on the cake is its support for unlimited snapshots.

0 Synology DiskStation DS2415+

Synology DiskStation DS2415+

The DS2415+ is an ideal alternative for businesses that want the huge capacity of the DS3615xs but would prefer something cheaper. Performance for both the DS2415+ and DX1215 expansion unit is excellent and Synology’s DSM software just keeps on getting better with every release.