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Best seller 0 Synology RackStation RS3614xs+ NAS Review

Synology RackStation RS3614xs+ NAS Review

Synology’s RS3614xs+ delivers an impressive range of enterprise NAS and IP SAN features at a small business price. It offers a high expansion potential, performance over 10GbE is beyond reproach and the new DSM 5.1 promises heaps of new features.

Best seller 0 QNAP TS-853 PRO Review

QNAP TS-853 PRO Review

QNAP’s TS-853 PRO delivers superb performance and features. Quite frankly we are at a loss as to what the competitors will do to top QNAP, if only to just clone. The price point is not half bad either. All in all a great NAS for both business and home users and highly recommended. QNAP deservedly wins our first ...

0 HGST 5TB and 6TB Deskstar NAS Drives Review

HGST 5TB and 6TB Deskstar NAS Drives Review

The performance differential is more evident in the 6TB category where the HGST Deskstar NAS is >25% faster than the WD Red. The seek time for Deskstar NAS was 9.5ms vs 12.2ms for WD Red. The Deskstar NAS continues to outperform WD Red even on burst speeds which measures the performance of the onboard cache.

0 Thecus N12000PRO

Thecus N12000PRO

Thecus was amongst the first to launch 12 and 16 bay NAS servers, with the N12000 starting life off performing its role in small businesses as either a primary or secondary storage appliance. Through word of mouth, it has become an instant hit in the SMB scene. It is exactly the same as the N16000PRO except it has ...

0 Thecus N16000PRO

Thecus N16000PRO

Thecus’ second generation N16000PRO evolved out of the N16000 series. The N16000 has been a staple in many businesses, but while the needs of businesses grow to require high availability and even higher bandwidth, the N16000 was understandably unable to adapt. Thecus’ answer to this dilemma, the Thecus N16000PRO, is ...