Complaint – Plantronics M214C Headset

We’ve received our first complaint for the Complaint Corner, and it’s coming from Michael Gray regarding his Plantronics M214C headset woes.

Michael writes:


“Plantronics M214C Headset – Purchased two of these and both broke in exactly the same position. Clearly a design fault and one the Plantronics does not even want to acknowledge. The cost of $25.00 is not exactly cheap and clearly if they last less than 7 months its a product that needs to be avoided.


Plantronics reputation for providing quality product is not preceded by its reputation for product quality or after sales service. Again the product snapped at the same position on both headsets


A definite don’t buy!”

He also attached these images:

Broken Plantronics M214C headsetA second busted Plantronics M214C headset!


That is terrible! We’re sorry to hear that, Michael, we hope you find a better headset in the near future. Anyone else who has an issue with this particular headset, please comment on it below.

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