Extreme Tech Challenge Registration Opens

10 world class startups will be selected as semifinalists to present on stage at CES, the world’s largest technology trade show, with 3 finalists presenting to a panel of judges on Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson’s private island. Winners will receive resources to amplify their success and scale their companies.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (July 8, 2015) –
Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) 2016 is now open for registration. Last years competition was supported by Qualcomm, Samsung, Tibco and other industry leaders, with prizes from companies such as Amazon, Ford, IBM, and Rackspace.

The contest is designed to identify emerging leaders that have the potential to dominate their markets, and reward them with greatly enhanced visibility, infrastructure and resources to scale quickly at low cost, and a network of extremely experienced advisers to help on an ongoing basis. Open for submissions until September 30, 2015, Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) ten semifinalists will be selected to present to a panel of judges at CES which attracts worldwide media coverage and over 170,000 attendees annually. Three finalists will go on to present to an “all star” set of judges on Sir Richard Branson’s private island.

Judges across the contest stages include notable figures such as Virgin CEO Richard Branson, Consumer Electronics Association CEO Gary Shapiro, Google Maps inventor Lars Rasmussen, tech industry veterans such as Robert Scoble and venture capitalists including Tim Draper, Veronica Serra and Bill Tai.

The Extreme Tech Challenge is a contest unlike any other, because of the value we bring to applicants at every stage of the contest.” explains Emcee and Director Kym McNicholas. “XTC provides software, infrastructure and services from world class companies to help startups scale. The CEOs also get plugged into an incredibly unique and game changing network of experienced entrepreneurs, executives and extreme sports athletes through the MaiTai Global community.


In partnering with CES2016, XTC will help place 10 finalists in the limelight as they take center stage at the worlds largest consumer electronics show held annually in Las Vegas. 3 finalists will go on to travel to Sir Richard Bransons Necker Island to take part in the finals.

“I was delighted to see XTC have such a positive impact on the 3 finalists from 2015.” said Susi Mai, contest co-creator and President of MaiTai Global. “Breathometer and Doctor on Demand went on to raise tremendous financing rounds. Wanderu leveraged publicity from XTC to become #1 in their category in the iPhone app store on their mobile launch.”. Contest co-creator Bill Tai added “We’re adding accelerant to strong companies that likely would have been hits, but we help them get there faster. ”



The complete timeline for the Extreme Tech Challenge:
July 9, 2015: Official XTC Contest Launch
Sept 30, 2015: Deadline For Applications
Nov 1, 2015: Top 25 Contenders Announced
Dec 1, 2015: Top 10 Semi-Finalists Notified
Jan 7, 2016: Semi-Finalists present at CES 2016 (2p-4p Venetian Ballroom B)
Feb 2016: Top 3 Finalists present on Necker Island at MaiTai Necker 2016
For more information and updates, please visit ExtremeTechChallenge.com.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/extremetechchallenge
Twitter/Instagram: @extechchallenge

We are also extremely happy to launch our XTC weekly, 1h live radio show:
XTC on Radio. AM 1220 KDOW – New Focus on Innovation. Brought to you by New Focus Financial
In case you missed the first live show today, here is a complete podcast!

About MaiTai Global (www.maitaiglobal.org)
MaiTai Global is a community of extraordinary entrepreneurs, innovators and athletes that share a common interest in helping each other achieve professional success, while fueling philanthropic activities that support the preservation of the ocean and its related ecosystems.

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