Google Glass available to all

Google_Glass_with_frameOne of the two tech devices coming in the near future that I am extremely excited for is the Oculus Rift, which is a virtual reality headset that aims to fully immerse you in another world. The other side of that coin, Google Glass, is the other gadget I’m fawning over. If you didn’t know, Google Glass is a device that attaches to a pair of glasses. This device can project images in a manner that fools your brain into thinking they are actually there; in summation it’s augmented reality in a headset.

For the last year and a half or so, Google Glass has been locked away, with a very limited amount of people having access to the device outside of the developers. Now, as of a few days ago, Google Glass is now available to anyone….with $1500 to spend. Yes, Glass is still ludicrously priced. No, sadly I can’t afford it. However, now that anyone can purchase Glass, there’s one less barrier for entry for those who are interested. All you need are deep pockets and even deeper coffers.

Still, it’s essentially a head-mounted Android device, right? Only good for (semi)secretly viewing your texts or Youtube, right? Well, there are new apps that take advantage of the unique capabilities of Glass. For instance, there’s now an app that can measure your stress levels based on your heartbeat, and then play soothing music in your ear to help calm you down. There’s also a significantly more interesting app that can ‘read’ people. The app uses some advanced facial recognition software to calculate the current emotions of a person that you’re observing or interacting with, and displays them to you in a rough HUD. It’s still in early development, but it may be one of the best features of Google Glass yet.

You can purchase Google Glass online now through Google’s Play store, or follow the link

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