Higher Capacity Disk Drives Pave the Way


The recent launch announcements by Seagate, WDC, and HGST for 6TB, 8TB, and possible 10TB drives, should make us pause for thought.

The higher capacity drives do offer a better value option than smaller capacity drives, and when you are next in the market for a storage solution it would be wise to pay closer attention to the strategic return on investment for the capacity being considered. Over a period of time this decision may be be made for us. Manufacturers tend to end the life of smaller capacity drives as profit levels drop due to competitive pricing and correction in the market for higher capacity drives.

At the end of the day it’s all about demand. Consumers demand and manufacturers have to supply. It’s simple even when we evolve and all others things around us do as well, the old adage of supply is determined directly by the demand for any given product or service, will remain as long as we do!

Higher storage capacity comes from a need to rise to the challenges of data increase in all spheres of our lives both home and business. SimplyNAS’s vice president of sales, Michael Gray claims the push for higher storage capacity comes from data centers as well companies demanding higher capacity drives within the government and health sectors specifically. Gray endorses, SimplyNAS will continue to support NAS appliances that can scale up to one petabyte and higher with larger capacity drives in tow.

So be ready for these drives and disregard the 1TB, 2TB and in certain circumstances 3TB drives, as future expandability and return on investment may be compromised with buying lower capacity drives. We are only hoping for one thing the quality of the spinning drives gets better and the warranties remain to a minimum of five years, no less.

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