New Xeon launch today

Xeon insides

Check this out. This is how 18 cores of pure processing power look under the hood.

Today, coming off of the success of the X99 chipset, Intel has launched their new line of server CPUs for the X99 family. This new line of Xeon E5-2600 processors boasts up to 18 cores, a marked increase from the former maximum of 12, and takes advantage of a 45MB last level cache. All those cores bring with them a huge boost in computing power, with reports of almost 70% more virtual machines running on these new chips. It may seem excessive, but this is going to become necessary in our new age of cloud computing and massive data centers. Of course, this performance boost reflects the cream of the crop; there will be a wide range of Xeon chips in this product line to accommodate even the smallest budget. The cheapest CPU in the family is a little over two hundred dollars, which isn’t bad for a server CPU at all. Of course, since this is on the new X99 chipset you’ll also have to dish out the dosh for cutting edge motherboards and DDR4 memory, so you may as well pay for some major CPU power while you’re at it.

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