iOS 8 Pangu Jailbreak

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Pangu – The team that jailbroke iOS 7.1 successfully has probably released the fastest new jailbreak tool we have had in a while, the iOS8 Pangu jailbreak. Within a month of iOS 8 being on our devices we now have a jailbreak for iOS 8.0-8.1. With the evad3rs team claiming they are not interested in creating a jailbreak tool this time around, Pangu has stepped in and given us a shiny new jailbreak. There are a few caveats however, Cydia is NOT iOS 8 compatible, this jailbreak in it’s current state is really for developers. There is no friendly GUI for an end user to install jailbreak tweaks; moreover, there probably aren’t any tweaks that work with iOS 8 yet either.

Our recommendation is stay away for now as you won’t be able to use the jailbreak as you are used to using it.

This jailbreak also recommends that you jailbreak from a fresh iOS 8.1 restore on iTunes and not OTA. It also recommends you disable the passcode lock until after the jailbreak process has completed. This was the same as the previous Pangu tool. The last Pangu jailbreak was reverse engineered and showed no malicious intent within the jailbreaking code. That sets a precursor that this jailbreak is most likely safe, but if your a security freak you should hold off until it has been confirmed that all is ok.

We will have a tutorial on how to jailbreak and download links shortly, but remember we do not recommend you do so just yet.

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