NEST thermometer works with more

thermostat-and-protect-in-homeToday, the NEST company has expanded their ‘Works with NEST’ program to include more products such as Control4, Crestron, RTI, and URC. This means that the automated thermometer can now speak to other home automation devices, allowing you to control it from a central hub or allow the device to communicate with other home automation gadgets. Some interesting applications for the thermometer include the ability to turn on when you wake up by talking to your Jawbone UP24 wristband, or triggering the lights in your home to turn on while you’re away so that any potential burglars are deterred.

The company also intends to integrate NEST with their new acquisition, Dropcam. The thermometer can trigger Dropcam’s motion-sensing capabilities if you’re out of the house, or tell Dropcam to record video if a fire occurs, among other applications. The future can only get more interesting for NEST from here on out as home-automation technology begins to penetrate a wider market.

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