QNAP ES1640dc v2 Enterprise ZFS Series NAS Servers

Dual-Controller NAS servers are fast becoming the mainstay of businesses that need high-availability, and thus enable zero-downtime. The QNAP ES1640dc series offers the ability of protecting and enabling mission critical tasks and intensive virtualization applications to work flawlessly with its dual active-active controllers, at the heart of the NAS is the incredulous intel® Xeon® E5 six-core processor family, and 32GB/64GB for main memory DIMM and 16GB write cache DIMM per controller.


As far as hardware features its stacked well, 16 hot-swappable bays x 3.5″/2.5″ SAS 12Gbps/6Gbps, or 2.5″ SAS SSD; lockable trays.  4 x SFP+ (Intel XL710-AM1) * and 2 x RJ45 (LAN-10G2T-X550) for each controller, cache is supported with M.2 2280 SSD dedicated to NVRAM. As far as maintenance is concerned this is made easy with field-replaceable unit (FRU) that is applicable to controllers, cooling fans, power supplies, and the BBU battery pack for C2F (Copy-To-Flash), providing a cost-effective way to maintain complex systems and to replace defective parts.


What is even more enduring is the new QES (QNAP Enterprise Storage) operating system, which is based on the FreeBSD kernel and the popular ZFS file system, which is a proven platform ideally suited for high-end enterprise applications.




Overview of QNAP Enterprise ZFS NAS and the QES operating systems

QNAP Enterprise System
QNAP Turbo NAS System
Hardware platform Enterprise ZFS NAS
ES series NAS
TS / TVS / TAS / TDS series
Operating system kernel FreeBSD Linux
File system ZFS Ext4
myQNAPcloud Yes Yes
File Station Yes Yes
App Station No Yes
Virtualization Station No Yes
Container Station No Yes
Dual active controller Yes No
NVRAM (Write to cache) Yes No
40G Ethernet network Yes Yes
Intel Quick Assist No Yes
Snapshot upper limit 65536 1024
Single LUN snapshot upper limit 65536 1024
Deduplication Yes No
Real time data compression Yes No
End-to-End Data Integrity Yes No
Application consistency Snapshot Agent
VSS Hardware Provider
(QNAP NetBak Replicator)
Snapshot Agent
VSS Hardware Provider
(QNAP NetBak Replicator)
Remote disaster backup and recovery SnapSync Snapshot Replica


There is little doubt where QNAP is heading with the ES1640dc v2 series and for under 10k for this Dual controller active-active NAS it’s a great step forward and a welcome for budget strapped IT departments that don’t get a fair share of their expenditure at budgets intervals.

Maintenance is a cinge with field replacement units and technical support is amply provided by QNAP and/or its resellers.

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