QNAP Releases Affordable, Reliable and Scalable 4-bay Rackmount NAS for Small and Home Offices

TS-451UTaipei, Taiwan, March 10, 2015 – QNAP® Systems, Inc. today announced the new affordable, 4-bay 1U rackmount TS-451U Turbo NAS, featuring a dual-core Intel® Celeron® 2.41GHz processor that delivers high multi-tasking abilities for small & home offices in handling daily operations including file storage, backup, sharing, synchronization, and more. Designed for scalability, the storage capacity of the TS-451U can be easily expanded with an economical expansion enclosure to meet the needs of growing data storage.

“In the entry-level rack-mountable NAS segment, we are glad to be the first NAS company to introduce the energy-efficient, 64-bit Celeron®-powered TS-451U, which is designed for budget-conscious SOHO users to store and back up data without sacrificing performance,” said Jason Hsu, product manager of QNAP. “Coupled with feature-rich business applications, QvPC Technology, Virtualization Station and 1080p video transcoding, the TS-451U delivers the best cost-effectiveness for growing business data needs.”

Powered by a dual-core Intel Celeron 2.41GHz processor with 1GB energy-efficient DDR3L RAM (upgradable to 8GB), the TS-451U is a powerful NAS that delivers up to 220 MB/s read & write speeds with dual LAN ports. Its full NAS AES 256-bit volume encryption ensures the safety of sensitive data.

The TS-451U provides comprehensive data protection and feature-rich office applications, including SSD cache for boosting the IOPS performance of storage volumes; comprehensive RAID configuration and advanced storage pool design; Windows® and Mac® backup solutions and RTRR, rsync and cloud storage backup solutions; Windows, Mac, and Linux/UNIX cross-platform file sharing benefiting organizations with large amount of users; and Windows AD, LDAP Directory Service and Windows ACL for improving efficiency of user permission settings and management.

Users can gradually expand the TS-451U’s total storage to 128TB raw capacity on demand by connecting a 12-bay QNAP UX-1200U-RP RAID expansion enclosure. With this flexibility, organizations can be confident that the NAS will suit their storage requirements both now and in the future.

With QvPC Technology, the TS-451U can be directly operated and managed by plugging in a keyboard, mouse and HDMI monitor and it allows users to quickly set up NAS settings, access stored data, run multiple applications using Windows/Linux/UNIX/Android-based VMs created in Virtualization Station, surf the web, watch 1080p videos with XBMC, monitor live surveillance feeds from up to 24 IP cameras, and much more. The real-time and offline transcoding capabilities allow for smooth video playback experience on various devices across bandwidth-limited network connections. The Signage Station app also provides more practical SOHO applications with great tools to create advertisements or animated materials for promoting business services, and to update contents in a timely manner.

Key specifications

TS-451U: Dual-core Intel® Celeron® 2.41GHz processor (burst up to 2.58GHz) with Virtualization Technology (VT-x), 1GB DDR3L RAM (expandable to 8GB); 2 x Gigabit LAN ports; 4 x 2.5”/3.5” SATA 6Gbps hot-swappable HDD/SSD; 4 x USB 3.0; 2 x USB 2.0; 1 x HDMI; single 250W power supply; supporting one expansion enclosure (UX-1200U-RP or UX-800U-RP)


The new TS-451U Turbo NAS is now available. For more information of new products and the full QNAP Turbo NAS lineup (including where to buy) please visit www.qnap.com.

About QNAP System Inc.

QNAP Systems, Inc., as its brand promise “Quality Network Appliance Provider”, aims to deliver comprehensive offerings of cutting edge network attached storage (NAS) and network video recorder (NVR) solutions featured with ease-of-use, robust operation, large storage capacity, and trustworthy reliability. QNAP integrates technologies and designs to bring forth quality products that effectively improve business efficiency on file sharing, virtualization applications, storage management and surveillance in the business environments, as well as enrich entertainment life for home users with the offering of a fun multimedia center experience. Headquartered in Taipei, QNAP delivers its solutions to the global market with nonstop innovation. More information is at www.qnap.com.

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