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Qnap TS-877XU-RP-8G Review

Qnap’s latest TS-x77XU family brings the might of AMD’s Ryzen CPUs to its rack mount appliances. There’s plenty of choice as this big portfolio comprises 8, 12 and 16 bay versions and on review, we have the 8-bay TS-877XU-RP-8G.

As the name indicates, this model has dual redundant power supplies and is also offered with two Ryzen options. Our appliance has the top-dog 6-core 3.4GHz Ryzen 5 2600 teamed up with 8GB of DDR4 but you can save around $200 and opt for the model with a 4-core 3.1GHz Ryzen 3 1200 and 4GB of memory.

Either way, memory can be expanded to a very usable 64GB making this appliance a great candidate for virtualization duties. High-speed networking also comes as standard as along with dual Gigabit, it sports a pair of embedded 10GbE SFP+ ports.

Expansion is another strength as the motherboard has four spare PCIe slots so it can support extra 10GbE or 40GbE adapters along with graphics accelerator cards. The appliance’s motherboard doesn’t have embedded M.2 SSD slots but you can add Qnap’s QM2 dual-slot expansion cards for a performance-boosting cache.

TS-877XU-RP rear view

TS-877XU-RP Build and deploy

The appliance is well built with the removable lid providing full access to the expansion and memory slots. The metal drive carriers aren’t the tool-free variety but for testing, we had no problems fitting four 12TB Seagate IronWolf NAS drives.

USB ports abound as the appliance has four USB 3 plus 10Gbps USB 3.1 Type-A and Type-C ports. If you need to expand storage outside the box, you can use the standard USB 3 ports to connect two 8 or 12 bay disk shelves or add a SAS expansion card and go to eight SAS-enabled shelves.

Deployment is swift as Qnap’s QFinder Pro app discovered the appliance on the lab network and provided a wizard-based installation routine. This downloaded the latest QTS software and offered three volume options where we chose RAID5 for our storage pool.

Top virtualization platform

TS-877XU-RP virtualization station

The Virtualization Station 3 app can virtualize QTS along with any other OS you choose

The TS-877XU-RP takes full advantage of its powerful Ryzen CPU and big memory capacity as it offers a superb range of virtualization features. The Container Station runs a vast array of LXC and Docker apps in lightweight containers while the Linux Station app runs Ubuntu alongside QTS.

The star player is Qnap’s Virtualization Station 3 which lets it host VMs running just about any OS you want. We had no problems creating a VM loaded with Windows Server 2019 and assigned its virtual adapter to one of the appliance’s 10GbE ports via the Network & Virtual Switch app.

A new feature of this app that makes the TS-877XU-RP even more versatile is vQTS. Currently only available on Qnap’s Ryzen-powered models, vQTS allows you to run virtualized versions of the QTS software so it can emulate multiple NAS appliances.

Creating a vQTS VM is simple as you dedicate CPU cores, memory plus a storage space and assign it to a virtual switch. On power up, it runs the standard QTS installation wizard to set appliance details and configure its virtual storage.

Accessing a vQTS VM is exactly the same as the main QTS as you just point a web browser at it. From here, you can use the App Center to install any app you want and allow the virtual appliance to manage services such as data backup and keep them isolated from those being provided by the main appliance.

Ryzen speed

TS-877XU-RP runs vQTS

vQTS turns your single appliance into many and each can run any available app

We tested NAS performance over 10GbE by mapping a share to a Dell PowerEdge T640 Xeon Scalable tower server equipped with Broadcom dual-port fiber adapters. With Iometer running against the share, we recorded superb sequential read and write rates of 9.3Gbits/sec and 9.2Gbits/sec.

Real world speeds were equally impressive with copies of a 25GB test file returning read and write rates of 5.3Gbits/sec and 4.1Gbits/sec. Our backup test was also handled well with a 22.4GB folder and its 10,500 small files secured to a share at 2.1Gbits/sec.

The Ryzen’s encryption performance is excellent with our 25GB test file copied to a share on an encrypted volume at an average of 2.8Gbits/sec. Even better, we saw CPU utilization during this test peaking at only 15%.

IP SANs won’t be a problem either with a 500GB target returning top Iometer read and write rates of 9.2Gbits/sec and 9.1Gbits/sec. We then created a dual 10GbE MPIO link to the target and recorded average read and write rates of 17.7Gbits/sec and 17Gbits/sec.

 More app choices

The Security Counselor and Notification Center apps keep you safe and informed

Although Qnap can’t match Synology’s classy Active Backup for Business app, it still offers an excellent range of data protection features. The Storage & Snapshots app supports manual and scheduled snapshot services for NAS shares and iSCSI LUNs and, unlike Synology, can do this for EXT4 volumes.

The Hybrid Backup Sync app presents a central console for managing all local, remote, Rsync, cloud and iSCSI LUN backups and provides good data recovery services. The Cloud Backup Sync add-on activates one and two-way sync jobs with a wide range of popular cloud storage providers while the Qsync Central app lets you create a private backup cloud for your desktops and mobile devices.

QTS 4.3.5 introduces the Security Counselor app which scans the appliance for vulnerabilities and helps close down any security holes. The Notification Center provides a central platform for managing all email, SMS, IM and mobile push status alerts while the QRM+ app can monitor your network systems and IPMI controllers.


The TS-877XU-RP and its powerful AMD Ryzen CPU deliver a mighty rack NAS package at a good price. Along with dual embedded 10GbE SFP+ ports, it offers a high expansion potential and great performance while the new vQTS feature of the Virtualization Station 3 app makes it even more versatile.

9 Total Score
Versatile Rackmount NAS at a Great Value

The TS-877XU-RP and its powerful AMD Ryzen CPU deliver a mighty rack NAS package at a good price. Along with dual embedded 10GbE SFP+ ports, it offers a high expansion potential and great performance while the new vQTS feature of the Virtualization Station 3 app makes it even more versatile.

Build quality
  • Powerful AMD Ryzen CPU
  • Dual fiber 10GbE ports
  • Impressive performance
  • Big expansion potential
  • Versatile vQTS feature
  • Lacks internal M.2 SSD slots

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