QNAP’s lets you use your NAS as a PC – NO PC required


QNAP has taken the lead in offering the exclusive QNAP virtualized Personal Computer (QvPC) Technology that allows you to use the Turbo NAS as a PC. All you need to do is plug in a monitor, keyboard and mouse to be able to operate the system via “HybridDesk Station” on the screen. QvPC consolidates a number of high-end technologies including Virtual Machine (VM) integration, multimedia transcoding, HDMI output, cloud integration and NAS connection technologies to fulfill your needs in various applications whilst promoting a greener IT environment with on-demand OS usage that reduces the need for unnecessary and out-of-date PCs. The x51, x53, x79 and x80 all support the“Look Honey NO PC” feature.

QNAP has capitalized on the growing trend of “Software-defined everything (SDx)”, basically for those of us who are not too savvy this is loosely defined as – “Software-defined anything (SDx) is an important yet ambiguous term that refers to new changes happening in the IT world. It is a movement toward promoting a greater role for software systems in controlling different kinds of hardware – more specifically, making software more “in command” of multi-piece hardware systems and allowing for software control of a greater range of devices”

QvPC Technology is…

QvPC Technology consists of several QNAP-developed technologies, including virtualization, hardware-accelerated transcoding, cloud integration, unified & tiered storage, RAID protection, SSD cache acceleration, video output, and more.

QvPC enables you to use the Turbo NAS as a PC by connecting to a HDMI monitor and operating the “HybridDesk Station” for multiple applications with various desktops: QVM Desk, Defense Desk and Local Display Desk.

QvPC Technology is...

QVM Desk

With QVM Desk you can directly access multiple virtual machines (VMs) and data stored on the Turbo NAS. You can flexibly switch VMs on demand as if you are using multiple PCs. Compared with management through web browser, QVM not only improves operational efficiency but also prevents disconnections and other issues caused by network errors.

Defense Desk

With Defense Desk you gain complete control over the surveillance infrastructure in your home or office environment by using the “Surveillance Station (Local Display)” function, which supports video local display and playback on a big monitor via the HDMI output. Besides using a keyboard and mouse, When away from your Turbo NAS with QvPC, you can also use the Qremote mobile app in your iOS or Android device to remotely manage and view your surveillance feeds.

Real-time monitoring

The convenient Surveillance Station (Local Display) allows you to directly use the Turbo NAS for real-time video monitoring with up to 16 channels, without the need to login to a PC. More useful functions are available, such as switching between single or auto-cruising surveillance videos, PTZ function and surveillance audio support. With the support of event notification, if an alarm event occurs an alarm icon will show up on the monitoring screen to notify you to take immediate action.


Video playback

You can use the Surveillance Station (Local Display) to review footage and select a time period to quickly search for specific events, with the additional support of a speed control shuttle bar to fast-forward with up to 16x speeds. The zoom function allows you to enlarge a certain area on the screen for a clearer view. With audio support, you can also gain the background audio in monitored areas.

Local Display Desk

Local Display Desk offers even more applications including XBMC, Google Chrome, YouTube, Spotify and QNAP QTS desktop management.

Enjoy Full HD movies with XBMC

With the powerful integrated Intel® HD Graphics, the Turbo NAS is fully capable of outputting Full HD videos with exceptional quality. Just plug in an HDMI monitor and you can directly enjoy high quality movies and photos without compromising the multimedia quality. When using a QNAP remote control (RM-IR002) or the Qremote mobile app, you can conveniently control your multimedia and enjoy a better entertainment experience.

More QvPC Technology applications

Android virtualization

Ever think about playing Android games on a big screen? QvPC Technology makes it possible to run an Android-based VM and to operate them on a touchscreen as if you have an Android-based PC, allowing you to run apps and play games from the Google Play Store as much as you like.

The limited storage space on Android devices can sometimes be bothering as well, especially when it comes to deciding what apps and data to retain and what to delete. QvPC provides a perfect backup solution for you to create an Android-based VM to store older apps and data including LINE, WeChat, and your phonebook & chat logs using software such as App Backup & Restore and My Backup Pro.

NAS as a sharable PC at home

The Turbo NAS features rich multimedia applications, ideal for creating a home digital entertainment center. Family members can flexibly access and enjoy stored media through LAN or wirelessly with their computers, tablets or mobile devices. With QvPC Technology, you can play multimedia content on the Turbo NAS on an HDTV through the HDMI output.

QvPC Technology also allows you to create an ideal household PC, with VMs for each member of the family allowing them to do homework, check emails and other basic tasks. With independent VMs, you do not have to worry about files being modified or deleted without permission, and functions such as Snapshot can assist in restoring files and data if the VM crashes. Screen sharing is also available for parents to monitor their teenage children’s Internet usage.

Safeguarding your home with Surveillance Station (Local Display)

Comprehensive surveillance systems demand responsiveness and convenience. In addition to accessing via network, QNAP Surveillance Station supports local display via HDMI for instant video monitoring thanks to the QvPC Technology. You can connect the Turbo NAS to a TV screen directly to monitor each corner of your home environment without a PC. It is budget saving, fast, and convenient.

Extending the lifespan of legacy applications

Many companies still rely on software and applications designed for older systems such as Windows XP. Instead of retaining an older PC that is solely used to access these applications, with QvPC Technology you can create a dedicated VM to run these older systems and applications. Coupled with remote access, these systems can be “modernized” by accessing them using smartphones, tablets and other devices.


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