Synology announces new DS115j cloud-centric NAS model

001Last week Synology announced their newest NAS model, the DS115j. The DS115j is cited by Synology as being one of their “most economical” NAS models. This is presumably because the unit has only one bay, which is rather light for a NAS. One would think that the same functionality could be accomplished with a Windows share, external HDD, or a simple file server. The unit does make use of Synology’s DSM operating system, though, so all of the robust media sharing and streaming features native to the OS will be on the DS115j. The main draw of the unit, though, is its use of an app called Cloud Station. This app will sync your files to and from various public cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive onto the DS115j, so you can take all your files with you. So, the new “NAS” is actually a slightly more convenient external HDD with a prolific NAS feature set.

The entire concept seems underwhelming, at first, but the DS115j may be a perfect entry-level NAS, or great for NAS on the go. This philosophy seems to be echoed in the words of Thadd Well, a PR specialist with Synology America, “The DS115j is an excellent solution for users who want the versatility of storage in a highly affordable, single-bay unit, while providing the value of Synology’s DSM OS. It’s a powerful way to keep your data with you, without having to stay locked to one location, or juggle a multitude of devices. Anyone new to Synology will get a lot of use out of the DS115j.”

In any case, consumers who are interested in the gadget won’t have to wait too long. The unit is currently shipping, and may be available in America even now, at the time of this writing.

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