Voice Bridge has arrived in the US

Swissvoice reinvents the landline by bridging traditional telephony and mobile devices. Voice Bridge has the ability to connect any iPhone or iPad allowing you to make, receive and share calls on your landline.

Swissvoice, inventor of premium home phone accessories and DECT telephones, announces the availability of Voice Bridge. Unveiled at the 2015 CES, Voice Bridge is an innovative device, which allows you to use your landline via your smartphones and tablets. Functional and well-designed, this elegant small box is intended for home and office and has the ability to connect up to 5 smartphones and tablets to your fixed-line enabling the user to receive and make calls from his landline with the convenience of his mobile devices. When away from home, the Voice Bridge’s “Follow Me” app sends you a notification about landline calls you missed at home.

Mobile Phones and Landline: The Best of Both Worlds!

After a quick and intuitive set-up, you can receive and make calls on your mobile devices from your existing landline with no additional fees. Voice Bridge is the ideal solution for everyone who wants to use and/or share their existing fixed line number on several smartphones and tablets in the same home or office. Family members can connect to several devices and SOHO companies (Small Office / Home Office) can easily converse in conference mode. Better yet, your smartphone contact list is automatically updated and is now always available to make calls on your fixed line, or to identify who is calling you. This device is also a solution for those who have dead zones in their homes : with Voice Bridge they can use their smartphone on their landline and bypass the coverage issue.

“Follow Me”

When you are away from home, Voice Bridge will send instant notifications to your smartphone of any incoming calls on your landline. Since the notification includes the phone number and name of the person who called you, you can call him back with the touch of a button from your mobile phone.

The Voice Bridge

– Allows you to use any iOS device with a regular landline handset ;
– Uses your existing fixed line number with your smartphone and tablets ;
– Connects up to five smartphones and/or tablets at the same time ;
– Allows you to make calls with your mobile when there is a bad cellular connection ;
– Allows intercom calls between two smartphones or tablets free of charge ;
– Keeps you notified of new events on your landline with “Follow Me” feature (incoming calls and messages received) when you are away from home ;
– Fully integrates your smartphone address book ;
– Compatible with iOS7+ devices. Android will follow by end of September 2015.


Ease of use

With Voice Bridge there is no need to modify the home setup of the existing telephone system. The minimalist Voice Bridge box uses the existing PSTN line and number, and behaves like a standard PSTN phone. It works instead of, or in addition to existing DECT-telephones. There is no Wi-Fi-pairing and no need to create a user account.

Plug and Play

Voice Bridge is easy to set up with an intuitive plug-and-play installation. Simply plug the Voice Bridge box to your Wi-Fi Router, download the app from the App Store and launch the app on your mobile or tablet.


Voice Bridge is now available on Amazon.com priced at 99$ and is compatible with all iOS devices.

About Swissvoice

Swissvoice, founded in Switzerland in 1893, is a worldwide recognized home telephony company. Swissvoice is the source of major innovations in residential telephony including the fulleco® and reverse ATA. In 2013, Invoxia acquired swissvoice. Invoxia is a French high-tech company that designs, develops, produces and markets telecommunication devices aimed at improving comfort and simplifying the user experience.


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